The Thermo-Max® FuelMiser® uses a patented ceramic insulation system that gives you:

Fuel Savings
With heat retained within the drum, your burner will automatically operate at a lower rate while maintaining uniform temperatures throughout the length of the drum. Given comparable material moisture content, a Thermo-Max® System will substantially reduce fuel savings well below current consumption rates.

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Thermo-Max® FuelMiser® can be isntalled with no factory down-time—We are weekend installation experts!
Faster Warm-up
The initial warm up period will be cut approximately in half!
Increased Production
Recaptured heat provides increased production capability provided the exhaust air system has ample reserve capacity.
More Uniform Heating
Evenly spread temperatures replace concentrated "hot spots" resulting in more efficient heat transfer to material.
Instant Restarts
With the internal temperature of the dryer drum retained between cycles, restart operating temperatures are almost instant!
Reduced Exhaust Emissions
A lower burner operating position equates to lower exhaust emissions. This helps in meeting state air permitting requirements as well as protecting the environment.

We are weekend installation experts!