Why Thermo-Max® for your asphalt plant?

Sound Investment
The average asphalt plant will realize a 100% return on investment in less than 1 year of operation.
Elimination of Excessive Heat
No more need for heat shields over motors. Allows gearboxes and lubrication system to run cooler while providing safety to personnel.

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Thermo-Max® systems are custom fabricated for each drum. Access to bolt-through flighting is made convenient. Any section of a Thermo-Max® system can be removed and re-installed if necessary.
Smart Appearance
The bright, clean appearance of the Thermo-Max® System on your drum will enhance the physical environment of your plant
Reduced Noise Levels
Substantially decreases the sound emitted from the drum by 6db. This is especially important in noise sensitive areas.
Reduction of Maintenance Costs
With the Thermo-Max® system there will be less termperature variance over the length of the drum. Having more even temperature, thermal shock throughout the drum is greatly reduced. This results in less remedial welding at those chronic weld crack locations.
Installations Coast-to-Coast
Installations made throughout the continental United States and Canada.