Fuel Savings Worksheet

Fill the white boxes with the appropriate values, then click "Calculate" to learn how much you could be saving by having a Thermo-Max® Fuel-Miser® heat retention system added to your plant.

Annual Tonnage
X Gal./Terms per Ton
= Gal./Therms used annually
Gal./Therms used annually
X Price per Gal./Therm
= Annual Cost
Annual Cost
X 10% Savings
= Dollars Saved Annually*
Annual Cost
X 20% Savings
= Dollars Saved Annually

The following calculations will only be performed when you enter value for the installation cost. If using a value other than a quote from Thermo-Max®, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Installation Cost
/ .1 /
Price per Gal./Therm
= Gal./Therms per Payback
Gal./Therms per Payback
Gal./Therms per Ton
= Tons per Payback

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*Annual saving figures shown reflect fuel savings only and do not account for additional profits realized from increased production rates!